2017 Gallery Schedule

  Arts on Grand is pleased to announce the following exhibitions for 2017:

Iowa Watercolor Society Traveling Show | February 1 - March 30
Local School Exhibitions | April 1 - May 8
Lilly Oncology on Canvas | May 9 - June 17
Ann Bishop McGregor | June 20 - July 29
Terry Firkins | August 1 - September 23
Artisans Road Trip | September 26 - October 21
New Artists Exhibition | October 24 - November 18
Christmas in the Gallery | November 20 - January 5

Continue to check back for more information on these fantastic exhibits, or visit our calendar and events page!

Gallery Exhibits

Gallery Shop

Our goal is to provide Iowa artists with a great outlet for their work and in doing so, create a top-notch destination for gift buying in Spencer. 

We are changing and adding new artists' work continually. Please stop in and see the Gallery Shop.

As always, if you are interested in purchasing original art from our Gallery Shop or have questions - please contact us.

Current Gallery Shop artists:

Joanne Alberda
Jarah Andrews
Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath
Anita (Katie) Baedke-Plucker
Oxana Bedore
Laura Blanchet
Jesse Bogenrief
Glenda Drennen
Dennis Dykema
Chad Elliott
Lynette Fisk
Judy Fox
Tami Glienke
Kris Hackbart
Connie Hankens
Judy Hemphill
Marvel Houge
Mike Houge
Danuta Hutchins
Nicole Keller
Karess Knudtson
Chandra Kozera
Suzanne Land
Cindy Lindahl
Barb McGee
Mary Mello-Nee
Ruthie Mikos
Bruce Morrison
Ron Netten
Diane Noll
Gene Polson
Perry Polson
Ardy Proehl
Clint Riedel
Evelyn Ruhnke
Dr. Karen Ruddy
Daniel Ruf
Jennifer Samuels
James Schooley
Valerie Skidmore
Lynn Swan
Ted Tessum
Judy Thompson
Ceil Triggs
Megan Wassom
David Wright
Deb Yellick-Manly
Michelle (Hummel) Young

Current Gallery Shop authors:

Savannah (John) Adams
Helen Augustine
Diane Brandow
Marshall Crane
Peter Davidson
Alex Egertsen
Danuta Hutchins
Marjorie Ilich
Teresa Jones
Susan Avery Lewis
Amy Maurer
Vicki Myron
Amelia Painter
Craig R. Parkinson
Patricia Phipps
Marjorie Roelofsen
Julie Schmidt
Karen Schwaller
Audrey Simonson
Kathleen Stauffer
Roger Stoner
Mary L. Swander
Betty Taylor
Jean Tennant
Leslie Tesch

Current Gallery Shop musicians:

Cafe Accordian (Dan Newton)
Chad Elliott
Glenn Henriksen
Dan Newton
Amber Norgaard
Greg Taylor
John Walker
CA Waller

Artists who are interested in becoming a Gallery Shop artist may apply to the jury. Please find the application here.