DATE:Saturday, November 29
TIME: 8 AM - 12 PM
COST: $50 Members/$60 Nonmembers

Bring your digital camera or smartphone and a writing utensil to take notes

This is an ENCORE class with Mark Hirsch in conjunction with his show, "That Tree, available to view in the gallery now. We are lucky to have him join us to share his knowledge and experience with us again! See you in class!

Mark Hirsch: A Simple Approach To Landscape Photography.

Spend an afternoon with Mark Hirsch to learn how he transforms his visual discoveries of the natural world into personally rewarding photographs using only the camera in his iPhone. The best camera is the one you have with you! Photographic lessons learned from a friendship with That Tree.

We will talk about and answer your technical questions about all types of cameras but we won’t be dwelling on ideal shutter speeds, aperture settings, or camera models. Instead, we will be exploring ways to improve your visual aptitude and sharpen your awareness of compositional opportunities.

By spending a year photographing That Tree every day for an entire year, Mark learned to as he describes it, “truly see”. Instead of dwelling on the likelihood that anyone else would appreciate his photographs, Mark sought satisfaction through the challenges of seeing the world differently and making images that he found personally rewarding.

The result of Mark’s yearlong adventure was a more contemplative, relaxed and appreciative view of the extraordinary beauty in his own backyard. Mark discovered that through the yearlong experience, he has become a naturalist and a landscape photographer. Two qualities that have yielded for Mark, a fresh perspective and a newfound photographic eye for the quality of light and the interaction of plants, animals and the natural world.

Please join Mark with an open mind and a willingness to embrace a simpler view of the photographic process. In the end, he hopes you too will discover ways to photographically capture and share the hidden beauty in your own backyards.

Game plan: We will meet at AOG to view some image examples and briefly discuss photographic techniques, compositional approaches and quality of light. Then we will talk about and answer your photography questions before venturing out in the field to spend the rest of the afternoon seeking and making photographs that I hope will be personally rewarding for each of you.




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