Art Barn

Welcome to the Art Barn!

The Art Barn is our celebration of art and music at the Clay County Fair. Each year for the nine days of the fair, we host artists, musicians, performance artists and more to our little corner of the Fairgrounds. We invite you to enjoy the following line up of artists, musicians and activities for this year's Art Barn - Come Learn, Make and Play with us!


Gene Polson - Ceramics
Will Drzcimski - Painting
Sandy Nelson - Stained Glass
Lissa Potter - Ceramics
Perry Polson - Wood Turning
Terrie Thompson - Jewelry
Cindy Lindahl - Fiber Arts/Crocheted Items
Diane Noll - Jewelry
Kris Hackbart - Spa Goods/Specialty Soaps/Fiber Arts


Adam Layman - Acoustic Guitar Covers
Jacob Wittcamp - Acoustic Folk-Punk Indie Blues
Greg Taylor - Acoustic Folk
Stephen and His Crazy Ukulele Friends - Anything Goes


Special Guests

Spinners and Weavers Guild - Spinning Demonstrations


The Mural Project -
Continuing in the footsteps of last year's American Gothic Grows! Project, we will be creating another large mural to help beautify the Clay County Fairgrounds. Participants will be given a 6" by 6" white square, oil pastels and a guide sheet and will create one of 320 mosaic squares. These squares are then collected, clear-coated and assembled together to form the final image in front of the Grandstand. Visitors to the Fair can expect to see the installation of each day's squares starting around 6:30 to 7 PM.

The Mechanical Art Museum -
They move, they spin, they come to life! We are excited to present our new feature this year, The Mechanical Art Museum, a collection of classic works of art recreated as kinetic sculptures. Learn about the history of these pieces, as well as the gears, cogs, cams and more that help bring them to

Learn, Make and Play! -
Create your very own piece of kinetic sculpture at our Learn, Make and Play! station. Using simple materials such as paper clips, cardstock and straws, you'll create your very own flying automata sculpture!