Art Barn Preparations Under Way

Volunteers needed!

We are pleased as punch to bring fairgoers art vendors, entertainment, interactive projects and more at this year’s Clay County Fair, but in order to make this happen we need volunteers like you to accomplish it all.

We are excited to feature the following projects at the 2016 Art Barn at the Clay County Fair –

The Mural Project

Following in last year’s project of American Gothic Grows! we are thrilled to bring another mural to life to beautify the Fairgrounds. Participants will recreate one of 320 six inch squares to then be reassembled as mural. As a volunteer, you will help guide fairgoers of all ages through the activity, collect the final squares and prepared them for installation!

Mechanical Art Museum

It’s classic works of art recreated as mechanical sculptures – welcome to the Mechanical Art Museum! We are hard at work preparing an exhibition of artworks from all different movements and eras in the history of art to then mechanize and come to life. We need volunteers to serve as docents, or guides, to help fairgoers learn about the artwork and the gears, cogs, cams and cranks that make them move. No engineering or art history degree required, all information will be provided to you!